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Our profile is creation of complexes of low-current systems on civil, industrial, military objects, and on objects of a special purpose.

Through a semicentenial activity we have gained a wide experience and the technological potential, allowing to deploy final results with high quality and in exact target dates. Our activities are protected with the goverment licences. "JSV  MTU Saturn" is the recognised russian leader in creation of low-current complexes.

Our staff consists of highly skilled experts, among them more than 200 engineers who have ended leading russian institutes of higher education.

We provide such services as delivery and integration of the specialised software, acces control systems and the specialised equipment:

  1. The certificated software and software licenses;
  2. Protection against informational leakage on technical channels:
    • spatial noise generators;
    • cellular communication blocking;
    • protection of low-current communications;
    • protection of the electric systems;
    • noise-generating acoustic and vibroacoustic systems;
    • "suppression" of means based on magnetic recording;
    • the combined systems of "suppression".
  3. Erasing data systems;
  4. Means of revealing channels of information leakage:
    • field and frequency metres indication;
    • radio monitoring;
    • wire communications control;
    • multipurpose T-combined systems;
    • nonlinear locators;
    • videocameras locators.
  5. Optical devices:
    1. field-glasses;
    2. night vision devices.
  6. Measuring devices:
    • the measuring equipment;
  7. Unauthorized access control systems (UACS)
    • SecretNET;
    • hardware protection for PC;
    • trusted platform module (TPM);
    • information security program complexes (from UAC);
    • cryptographic protection of the information;
    • accessories;
    • specialised controllers.
  8. Antiterrorist and customs equipment:
    • portable metal detectors;
    • walk-through metal detectors;
    • visual examination;
    • detection and localisation of explosives;
    • means of non-destructive control;
    • the x-ray equipment;
    • thermographs;
    • radiation control devices.
  9. Video observation and protection systems:
    • MEMOCAM series - tiny digital complexes of video observation;
    • MEMOCAM - all-in-one systems;
    • mobile location.
  10. Automatic telephone exchange "Quant".


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